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  • Google Chrome Not Responding

    Google Chrome, one of the best browsers in the world. Google chrome has a good number of users around the world and it is increasing at the very rapid rate. It is very easy to use and its features are very good.

    Chrome demand increases day by day among users, just like other browsers it also has some common problems. One of the most common problems is Not responding problem that occurs when the message Google Chrome Not Responding appears on the screen.To know more about the Google Chrome, click on the given link Google Chrome Customer Service


    There are various reasons behind this problem. This article will share some simple but very important points regarding this problem.Clear Cache Memory- One of the most common problems behind this is the Cache memory of the system. When the Cache of the system gets full, this problem occurs. To solve this, just clear the cache of the device by clicking on the settings icon given at the right-hand side top corner of the browser.


    If clearing the Cache doesn’t work out, remove the extension from the device that has no use. A user can remove the extensions by clicking on the extension option given under the setting icon of the browser.


    Problem with the webpage- It might be possible that the reason behind this problem is the web page that a user is searching. Try to open the web page into the different browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. If the page still does not open, the reason behind the problem is the webpage.


    Antivirus- Antivirus, one of the most common reasons behind the problems that occur in the computers. Use one of the various antivirus programs to clean the virus/malware present on the computer. Antivirus program might solve the problem.


    Cookies- Cookies, history of the pages, preferences searched by the users. Cookies cover a good space of the device, possible reason for the problem. Clear the cookies of the browser.

    Clearing the cookies solves the problem to the great extent.

    To clear the cookies, click on the settings icon of the browser given at the right-hand side top corner, select the advanced setting option from the list.

    Under the advanced setting option, click on the privacy section option.

    After clicking on the privacy section option, a window will appear on the screen. Select the All cookies and site data option and click on Remove all option.


    Uninstall and install- If the above points do seem helpful, uninstall the browser and install it again.To do this, go to control panel under the start menu option. Under Control panel, click on the programs option. After clicking this, list of the programs installed in the computer appears on the screen. Select the programs which are of no use and Chrome Support too and click on uninstall option. Following this, a browser is removed from the computer.Download the chrome from the official website Google Chrome Support

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